EEDN Tea Brand Strategy to Raise Awareness on Social Media

EEDN sells rare organic high-grown teas from all around the world and powerful Ayurvedic blends from Sri Lanka. They’re a 1% for the Planet company. All in all, cool people.

Before the launch of their online store, EEDN asked for my help to grow their Instagram followers and optimise brand awareness online. Here’s a summary of the things we discussed.

Expanding Reach on Instagram

As a luxury tea brand with products designed by fashion photographer & cinematographer François Rotger, EEDN has everything to succeed on Instagram. The beautifully staged images are reason enough to get followers on the social network.

Image for post
Image for post
Instagram wall for EEDN

Techniques to get more likes on Instagram change as often as developers update the algorithms. So it’s a tricky game.

One of the ways you can do that is helping users find you with relevant hashtags. Pay attention to what’s frequently used in your industry and copy the hashtags in the comments. Don’t hesitate to update them regularly as trends change every day.

This is particularly important when you first open an account as no one knows you’re there and until you get enough social proof, you’ll need to fight your way through the noise.

Once an account starts to gain serious popularity, hashtags don’t matter so much anymore — which is now the case for EEDN.

Getting more visibility on Instagram is about interacting with user content with likes, comments and follows. If you decide to do this manually, it can work really well. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Search for a hashtag relevant to what you curate.
  2. Select “Recent”.
  3. Start liking the most recent pictures, particularly those coming from small accounts. You’re more likely to get their attention.
Liking content on Instagram to get views

If you do this for 30 minutes every day, you’ll get about 10 new followers per day.

Bots allow you to do the same thing. You can also filter content by location which is more relevant for a business with delivery limitations. But they’re not my favourite thing. They can be expensive and it’s hard to track that they’re really matching you with relevant users.

The great thing about doing this manually is that you can also discover potential partners to make business with.

In business, you rarely succeed on your own. That applies for your digital marketing as well as your real-life interactions. You need to make connections and partnerships. Instagram allows you to do that easily with mentions in stories and posts that can be useful to your partners’ followers.

EEDN did just that. They leveraged their business relationship with David Mallett, a luxury hairstylist, to promote their tea.

David Mallett branded tea by EEDN

On Instagram, you’ve got a lot of accounts who regram content from others. Some are incredibly popular and you should definitely look into them to bring your content to their followers.

One way to do that is to search for the most popular accounts relevant to your industry and tag them in your posts. Just make sure they’ll give credit to you by tagging you properly.


EEDN now has over 2000 followers and continues to grow. Their website has evolved a lot as well which you can check here to find out more about their engagement for sustainability.

🙏 Thanks for reading!

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