LimonX UX Audit for Better Conversions

LimonX is an e-commerce platform where you can buy e-gift cards, vouchers and prepaid card top-ups using cryptocurrencies.

I worked with their team on the UX audit of their website to optimise the user journey and conversions before they relaunched their online store.

LimonX homepage

Simplifying the Journey

Efficient Newsletter Sign-Up Forms

Do you know how you enter some shops and one of their people comes up out of nowhere and starts asking you if you need help? There’s a UX equivalent to that: newsletter sign-up forms. If I get a pop-up window asking me to sign up to your newsletter in the first 5 seconds I’ve been on your site, it feels spammy.

First, I need to understand what you have to offer and consider if that’s something I’d be interested in. Then, and only then, you can add a newsletter sign-up form further down the page. This is one of the first things we fixed for LimonX website.

Another thing to be clear about is your newsletter content and frequency. I don’t want to give you my email address unless I know what you’re going to talk to me about. Is it tips, corporate news, testimonials, how-to guides? I also want to know how often you’re planning on doing that. Your transparency helps me trust you as a brand. Then, you’d better stick to the promise, otherwise, you’re out of my inbox.

Leveraging Social Proof in a Smart Way

Testimonials serve only one purpose: reassuring new users about the efficiency and relevance of your services. They’re not there to promote other people. So why on Earth would you make them clickable?

Whenever you add something to your website, you need to think carefully about how it fits in the overall user flow. Whatever you have to sell, a typical journey would be:

  1. I enter the site.
  2. I learn about what you sell & who you are.
  3. I’m starting to get interested in using the service or buying your product.
  4. I see testimonials or your values that reaffirm why I want to use your services or buy your products.
  5. I book your services or buy a product from you.
  6. I leave the site.

Any interaction that interrupts this journey should be reconsidered.

Another thing to consider is how you feature social proof. If you’re working with big brands, by all means, make sure their name is visible. However, if no one knows who they are (realistically), find a way to prioritise the service you provided rather than their name.

LimonX newsletter sign-up form
LimonX newsletter sign-up form

Clarifying the Messaging

Proofreading Is Essential

I repeat. Proofreading is not an optional step. Whether you’re a native speaker or not, you need a fresh pair of eyes to check what you’ve done. After working on something for too long, your brain gets used to errors and spelling mistakes.

Beyond grammar and typos, you also need someone to check that what you wrote conveys what you mean to users. So, always ask someone to check your work. Ideally, a few people.

Versions of English

I worked with LimonX to rewrite some copy to make sure it read well. Another thing we checked was consistency in English spelling. Whether you speak British English, American English or South African English, you need to stick to it and be consistent with expressions and spelling.

Talk Like a Real Person

Many established businesses communicate in a very (unnecessary) sophisticated way. They assume that it makes them look more reliable. A bit like when you wear a suit because you think people will treat you more like a grown-up. It doesn’t. You look odd. Online, write like a real person talking to another real person. That’s how you get people to trust you these days. That’s how you’ll sound relevant to their experiences and challenges.

UX Writing

Copywriters are cool, but copywriters with UX skills are even better. They get to the point quickly and help users do the same. Not only users have a more pleasant experience but they also have less time to question their purchase and change their mind halfway through the process.

Outcomes & Lessons

Working with LimonX, I started to be more aware of frequent errors most young tech start-ups make. There are the same imperfections I notice with similar clients. I have come to realise it comes from having people trying to do too many things on top of building their products. This is why I’m more convinced than ever that external experts should check out the story these businesses tell about themselves, how users interact with their brand and how to secure conversions for a bright future.

🙏 Thanks for reading!

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